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Harry Hall (1816 - 1882)
Harry Hall
(1816 - 1882)
Oil on canvas
28 x 36 inches
Signed, inscribed and dated 1872
The Hopeful Stakes, 1870
The Rutland Stakes, 1870
The 2000 Guineas Stakes, 1871
The Thirteenth Ascot Biennial Stakes, 1871
A Free Handicap Sweepstakes 100 Sovs., 1871
The Craven Stakes, 1872
The Liverpool Autumn Cup, 1873


The 19th century proved to be one of the greatest periods in English Sporting art, and one of the most sought after artist during the early days was John Frederick Herring, Sr. (1895-1865).  Herring captured many of the most famous racehorses of the time on canvas, but there were many other artists whose work was also in demand; among them was Harry Hall.


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