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Paul de Longpre (1855 - 1911)
Paul de Longpre
(1855 - 1911)
Bouquet of Roses
Oil on board
18 x 12 inches
Rehs Galleries, Inc., New York City
Private collection, Texas

Paul de Longpré was born in Lyon, France to Victor and Theresia de Longpré on April 18, 1855.  He is thought to have been a self taught artist, though many members of his family were artists, and by age 12 he was in Paris painting flowers on fans.  In 1876, at the age of 21, his first oil painting was accepted for exhibition at the Paris Salon.  He met, and married, Josephine Estievenard and had two daughters, Blanche and Pauline.

Paul's greatest success came with his exhibitions in the United States and in 1890 he moved there.  He exhibited his first painting: Basket of Purple Lilacs at the National Academy of Design in 1892 and by 1899 he was living in Hol­lywood, California, where he built a Moorish house and garden which Addison E. Avery, in his article for the 1948 issue of the American Rose Annual, described as "a source of unending wonder and delight to tourists from far and near".

Paul died on June 29, 1911.


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