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(1870 - 1924)


Oil on canvas
37 x 28inches

Working during the last half of the 19th century, Guillaume Seignac typifies the French academic style which was preached by the Salon and l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts - where there was daily instruction in life drawing, anatomy, perspective and painting.

During the end of the 19th century, Seignac was living in Paris at rue de Fleurus, 26 (moving to Boulevard du Montparnasse, 84 in 1902) and studied with Tony Robert-Fleury, Gabriel Ferrier and William A. Bouguereau; the latter, being one of the driving forces in the Salon at this time, was to have the greatest influence on him.  This is most evident in both Seignac’s style and choice of subject matter – with its crisp, clear technique and classical imagery.

Seignac was a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon and received a number of medals for the works he exhibited their; including an honorable mention in 1900 and a Third Class medal in 1903.  Among his exhibited works were:

Bacchante – Paris Salon 1897
Les Dernieres Roses – Paris Salon 1897
Flore – Paris Salon 1898
Téte grecque – Paris Salon 1898
Reverie – Paris Salon 1899
Diane – Paris Salon 1899
Baigneuse (Bathing) – Paris Salon 1900
L’attents (Waiting) – Paris Salon 1901
A la Fontaine – Paris Salon 1901
Nymphe – Paris Salon 1902
Pensive – Paris Salon 1902
Secret d’Amour (Love Secret) – Paris Salon 1903
Irene – Paris Salon 1903
Le réveil de Psyché (The Awakening of Psyche) – Paris Salon 1904
Hésitation – Paris Salon 1904

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