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  • BIOGRAPHY - Rob Blizzard B. 1977

    Robert J. Blizzard was born in 1977, in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He currently still lives in Pennsylvania.  Rob is a self-taught artist that has been mostly influenced by animation, and illustrations from the likes of Disney's nine old men, Bob Clampett, Jay Ward, Maurice Noble, René Gruau, Robert McGinnis, and Al Parker. Rob took his first art instruction in February of 2015 at True Form Studios, under the Master teacher Joel Carson Jones. Rob is new to the world of fine art, and looks forward to seeing how far down the rabbit hole this will take his art.

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    Exhibited Works
    Rob Blizzard
    B. 1977
    The Heart of Sound
    Charcoal and pastel on paper
    21 x 16 inches